They’re Rewriting History – Again

And There It Is Again. More History Rewrites. How Sickening. Yet again, up comes some academic with general all-speak easy roll-off-the-tongue long-spout simple flavour spouty anodyne vanilla tasting telly talky have-a-ciggy talk talk pass-the-coffee-pot chattery crap about how Shakespeare was oh so Mr Central to mid-Victorian compulsory state education in the British Isles largely because … More They’re Rewriting History – Again

Language and History

Language is fluid. It changes all the time. Writing any language down sets it fast. Writing about language is fun. The language of other times is interesting. Use of nouns, adjectives and verbs of former times amuses us and sometimes surprises us too. Is all language fluid? Perhaps not. The Law for example is not … More Language and History