Coffee or Tea? Tea; Milk or Lemon? Lemon; Walk or Run? Walk; Sand or Pebbles? Pebbles; Gravy or Sauce? Sauce; Sweet or Savoury? Savoury; Shoes or Sandals? Shoes; Fine Art or Music? Yes Please; Wild Flowers or Garden Flowers? Both; Plain or Fancy? Plain; Thunder or Lightning? Lightning; Boat or Aeroplane? Boat; Plenty or Enough? Enough. Enough? Enough.

A New Feature – Translate

Okay! Now you can click and translate this blog…

It is automatic. It might not be perfect. It might make you laugh! (We know that). But everybody can contribute to Google Translate and make it better and better.

But first, the original language of this blog is English. It is English from the North of England. It is a little different from standard English. Sometimes there are dialect words too. Therefore, some of the sentences might be difficult to translate.  The blog is about English ways, thoughts, feelings, ideas, experiences, journeys, events, to read about and perhaps enjoy.

It is my hope that wherever you live and whatever language you speak, read or hear, that there is something here that will interest you.

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