Mathematical Problems

Mathematical Problems Arithmetic is often not problematic. Children and adults can mostly manipulate numbers arithmetically. (There is a condition called innumeracy which is recognised). But arithmetic is only one branch of Mathematics. To be good at arithmetic is one thing; to transfer that ability to the study of Mathematics, is another thing – a different … More Mathematical Problems


The Day When

Yes. The Day When… Do you remember “the day when…?” It is a common enough day. Most people remember at least one. But sometimes it can be difficult. Especially if the person you shared “the day when…” with is not present. More experience brings such a choice of “…days when…” Including all the funny days; … More The Day When

“My Music”

An email today told me of the banning of some of the music of Tchaikovsky in a certain place. Looking on the internet shows no sympathy for this. On the contrary:- the decision is ridiculed and called out as being “not the way” and hardly appropriate. I am not going to be positive about any … More “My Music”

Henrietta Kamern – Musician, pianist, organist 1905-1972 – a few details from a busy life

About Henrietta Kamern – a pioneer Theater Organist in America. It was not good to read that this lady was not well documented. She has a whole bunch of recordings held in the DAHR – The Discography of American Historical Recordings, in the University of California, Santa Barbara. Here is some more detail for Henrietta … More Henrietta Kamern – Musician, pianist, organist 1905-1972 – a few details from a busy life

Walk With Me

Will you walk with me? Maybe if you will then I can. And where will we go? Perhaps we might explore.Or perhaps just walk this lane.This road.This street. Are you going with me?Maybe we will talk.Or barely touching hands just listen to footsteps.The water.The crops cracking in the sun. Here we might pass the skew … More Walk With Me

On a Sunday?

So it’s Sunday again. You know Sunday – the day with the “sinking feeling”. Children dreading the Monday coming; workers not wanting to think about the return to ungrateful and short-sighted managers, and so on. You know, Sunday. Just now I was drawing the curtains. It’s late of course, and it is summer. It has … More On a Sunday?

The Trolleybuses of the South Lancashire Transport Company

(I wrote this originally for wikipedia but there has been some editing on there – so here is the original article in its entirety. Have a read. It is interesting. Are there any public domain photographs that you might know of that would help lighten the text? If so, please get in touch. The trolleybus … More The Trolleybuses of the South Lancashire Transport Company