James Clifford Brown – Musician Composer Teacher – A Memoir

As much as it is practically impossible to write a fair appreciation of one’s teachers, it might be worth trying. Sadly, this often means that to some extent, the writer becomes the central figure at least in the introduction. Maybe this is why so few people do it. Most of my teachers are now dead … More James Clifford Brown – Musician Composer Teacher – A Memoir

Over the Overcoat

Having recently heard a story about the loss of a favourite coat, prompted a memory of a raincoat. People have coats if lucky. Coats for winter weather, wet weather, sunny weather. Coats are significant. Coats bestow status sometimes. Coats keep us warm and dry. Coats shade us from the wind and the sun’s rays. The … More Over the Overcoat

Leaving Home

We have all had days like this. Days that loom ahead. The days that we do not want to happen. But inevitably those days roll up. As signal days or red letter days they are inevitable. They are unstoppable. They are the opposite of celebration days. Alec Kendall in his song about the coming of … More Leaving Home

The Soundtrack

The Soundtrack People mention the soundtrack. They didn’t always. There was a time the word “soundtrack” was new. As people bought more – and longer – records, “the soundtrack to people’s lives” became spoken about. Nowadays people actively store up a personal soundtrack. Beloved records; sober melodies; shouty anthems; groany ditties; mooing verses; all performed … More The Soundtrack

Unhelpful History

We all know myths. But. Grimly, some myths become treated as if they were factual. Worse still, some myths (masquerading as facts) can even become key parts to examination answers. (You might hardly believe it). That then becomes a real quis custodiet ipsos custodes situation. (I will leave you, generous reader, to work out who … More Unhelpful History