TV. The Box. The Telly. Getting square eyed. Getting Goggle Eyed. We loved it. We love it. Everybody Loved It. We talked about it. The next day. We carried last night in our heads. We reenacted it. In school. In those great spaces (before the next charlatan turned up)(“Who Have We Got Next?”) (“What have … More TV NOW

Glossop and Hadfield (Day Return) or A Trip in the Eighties…

or “All Stations to Hadfield”… I like wikipedia. Sometimes it isn’t correct though. Another problem is that it always sounds authoritative. But sometimes it is mistaken. Like the information about the trains to Glossop in the 1980s. So here are some extra facts:- The service with the Class 506 units was very good. Towards the … More Glossop and Hadfield (Day Return) or A Trip in the Eighties…

About John Betjeman

Later on one learns what one likes; amibguity; what makes one laugh; what makes one smile wryly; what makes one sad; what makes one grateful; uplifted; and one day comes a time to choose – books of one’s own; opinions of one’s own; perhaps even a gentle humility of a kind. So is life. Thus … More About John Betjeman

What Say? Say What?

Just a little verbal verbiage or fun! – Are you fed up with people who don’t answer the question and say nothing – at length? Here are some originals – they are: “Answers to 2020” ( – but – Please Supply Your Own Questions and Please Read Aloud). “There are times to say it as … More What Say? Say What?

Dear Friend! … (somebody get that bum outta here…)

So (now) we live politically. Who ordained that? Who gave the first insincere hug? (or was it a kiss?) Which person first lied “Excellent” (and to whom?) – when what was seen was plainly not (or OgdenNash-ly -Un)? Who knew that we would pay dear (dearly dear) (dear dear!) for it all? Who (stupid) transmuted … More Dear Friend! … (somebody get that bum outta here…)

Rewarding Music

There aren’t those Wednesdays now. They are gone. There isn’t even climate like that. (Everybody should understand that too). That is gone. Blown away. (By the wind though – not amazement). So what was it? Nice is what it was. The colours of spring and summer were really Ilford (sometimes Kodacolor) but never Agfa (time … More Rewarding Music

Eleven Eleven Eleven

And I have not always lived here. I lived there. And there. Oh, and there. Also. Most solutions are urban. That is to say that most solutions are for cities. But all problems are universal. But solutions are not universal. I lived an urban life. Urban support. Urban need. Urban facilities. Urban entitlement. I took … More Eleven Eleven Eleven