Glossop and Hadfield (Day Return) or A Trip in the Eighties…

or “All Stations to Hadfield”… I like wikipedia. Sometimes it isn’t correct though. Another problem is that it always sounds authoritative. But sometimes it is mistaken. Like the information about the trains to Glossop in the 1980s. So here are some extra facts:- The service with the Class 506 units was very good. Towards the … More Glossop and Hadfield (Day Return) or A Trip in the Eighties…

Rewarding Music

There aren’t those Wednesdays now. They are gone. There isn’t even climate like that. (Everybody should understand that too). That is gone. Blown away. (By the wind though – not amazement). So what was it? Nice is what it was. The colours of spring and summer were really Ilford (sometimes Kodacolor) but never Agfa (time … More Rewarding Music

Eleven Eleven Eleven

And I have not always lived here. I lived there. And there. Oh, and there. Also. Most solutions are urban. That is to say that most solutions are for cities. But all problems are universal. But solutions are not universal. I lived an urban life. Urban support. Urban need. Urban facilities. Urban entitlement. I took … More Eleven Eleven Eleven

Leaving Home

We have all had days like this. Days that loom ahead. The days that we do not want to happen. But inevitably those days roll up. As signal days or red letter days they are inevitable. They are unstoppable. They are the opposite of celebration days. Alec Kendall in his song about the coming of … More Leaving Home

Violet Carson – Pianist, Singer, Musician 1898-1985 – Part 1

Violet Carson. A musical phenomenon. Let us remember her too. We often read that she “sang” and that she “played the piano”. But what sort of singer was she? What sort of pianist was she? (For personalities and artistes mentioned below, please navigate to the bottom of the page) Anybody aged 60 in 2017 will … More Violet Carson – Pianist, Singer, Musician 1898-1985 – Part 1