Hearing + (Listening and Encouragement) can = Learning

Whether it was the radio or not, ik weet het niet. Surprisingly enough, I think that I had heard most European languages daily before I was five and could imitate quite a few. The trouble started with my father… What with his being in the services for seven years; no wonder he knew so many … More Hearing + (Listening and Encouragement) can = Learning

A Ride on a Tram

A Ride on a Tram In 1938, Nana and Grandad and my Mother (a child at the time) had one last holiday in Ireland. While they were there, some kind of argument developed. It prompted my Grandfather – never a man to go back on his word – to decide that they were not going … More A Ride on a Tram

Defining Slum

The Slum and Slums “Slum – definition: 1812 (of cant origin) 1. 1824 – A room. 2. A street, alley, court etc., situated in a crowded district of a town or city and inhabited by people of a low class or by the very poor ; a number of these streets or courts forming a … More Defining Slum

The Chandelier Tree

Public Art Is Good but this one is great Because it is adopted by the people rather than have it foisted upon them. It’s an “every once in a while” thing. Somebody well actually Mr Adam Tenenbaum (is his name a version of tannenbaum? I wonder )has made something out of stuff that would be … More The Chandelier Tree