Wrod Gmaes

Daer Finders, Havnig recnetly discoevred taht creitan letetrs – wehn tehy fnid tehslemves rarergaend – detrcat ltilte form ayndboys udernsndatnig, thne nwo woudl seme ot penrset na ootpruntipy taht snmenoe cduol wirte ltetres etmrelxey wlnogry nad vene tkae itno acnocut slplieng msitkaes. Hwo fra cna teh hmanu bianr cpoe? Ntarulaly, sohtr wrods lkei prsoeanl ponruons … More Wrod Gmaes


Ruins The Background Grimly foreboding, the mess of stones and earthworks – here, neatly manicured; there, left to nature – stand or sit or have fallen (Danny Ross style) or were pushed (Bessie Braddock style); today visited; tomorrow ignored; next week upgraded; next month televised; next year reported; next decade lauded and all the time … More Ruins

Weather or not; try and weather the whether Part Two

Part 2 – (continued from previous) The estate through which I walked had once been open farmland. The livings were probably not very comfortable, probably smallholdings with a few cattle and chickens, maybe a pig or two. The very names of some of them indicating a miserable existence once eked out on the land – … More Weather or not; try and weather the whether Part Two