Finally Made It…

Finally Made It So you get born, you go to school, then you go to work – or university then work – then you work, then you realise that school was better, then you start nightschool, then you carry on working… …then you stand one day with a sandwich and a drink in a strange … More Finally Made It…

A Ride on a Tram

A Ride on a Tram In 1938, Nana and Grandad and my Mother (a child at the time) had one last holiday in Ireland. While they were there, some kind of argument developed. It prompted my Grandfather – never a man to go back on his word – to decide that they were not going … More A Ride on a Tram

A Bristly Topic

How to Cope with Stail Things During the early 21st century, the brush became extinct. What had been a useful and worthy item became less and less seen and known. The last brushes to be observed were stowed upside down on builders’ wagons. The demise of the brush came about because people forgot how to … More A Bristly Topic

Herbert Oliver Biography – Composer Pianist Accompanist Conductor Teacher

Herbert Oliver – Biography of Composer, Pianist, Conductor, Teacher For a photograph, click here. (Opens in a new window) A True London Composer And what a pleasure it was to discover the life of Herbert Oliver. This biographical sketch has taken a good many years. Herbert Oliver is almost forgotten these days and that is … More Herbert Oliver Biography – Composer Pianist Accompanist Conductor Teacher

Defining Slum

The Slum and Slums “Slum – definition: 1812 (of cant origin) 1. 1824 – A room. 2. A street, alley, court etc., situated in a crowded district of a town or city and inhabited by people of a low class or by the very poor ; a number of these streets or courts forming a … More Defining Slum

A New Brood

Last year I taught a blackbird to sing a phrase of music. I chose something that was unique and possibly that he might not learn. I was not even sure that it was the same blackbird returning. The exercise was very interesting. He tried to copy my song often. He nearly succeeded. Then he went … More A New Brood