About Scented Toilet Paper and a Diversion in Praise of the Outside Lavatory

It’s time to write about the bog. The john. The lavvy. The WC. Well, not just about that, but about some of the accoutrements that we meet in there. This is an essay about where we once were. You can see I am inspired I recently read a forum. I cannot remember now how I … More About Scented Toilet Paper and a Diversion in Praise of the Outside Lavatory

Thoughts about Richard Runciman Terry (1864-1938) Musician, Composer

Introduction Richard Runciman Terry (1864-1938) is something of an enigma. He is variously described in many articles as a musicologist, organist, scholar and editor. In fact, the case for making these assertions appears to be overstated and the exact nature of some of his contributions to historical musical practice is under-investigated. Nevertheless, Terry remains a … More Thoughts about Richard Runciman Terry (1864-1938) Musician, Composer

The Difference

A visit today. Not people but a place. To look at things. Not things in particular, just things generally. As a rule things are just there. And some things just are while some things need to be placed. Things that are missing may need to be accessed. And sometimes things might not be missing until … More The Difference

Why Do Your Flag?

Old Days Old Ways Looking at old pictures. Street pictures. Some with children playing. Some with adults watching. Some with both. Play streets. No cars. All vehicles prohibited from sun-up to sun-down. Salford play streets. No cars. Children playing. Old and young watch their neighbourhood. Their street. Their pavements. Their patch. Their step. Their flag. … More Why Do Your Flag?

Hearing + (Listening and Encouragement) can = Learning

Whether it was the radio or not, ik weet het niet. Surprisingly enough, I think that I had heard most European languages daily before I was five and could imitate quite a few. The trouble started with my father… What with his being in the services for seven years; no wonder he knew so many … More Hearing + (Listening and Encouragement) can = Learning