in the newf or tidingth

Ah yes I m enjoying the telly yet again. My life these days seems only to involve visits to medical places and the telly.

But I am worried. There is (at last count) nothing wrong with my ears – but I can’t tell now are people mumbling? eating sandwiches? chewing gum?

Here is a selection of tonight’s announcements:-

“…and next is ferfer of lurps of the derzels between some of the larger sissies, we go with Nurbowl viffitafon on a boat acurse the ftanbular inferterations of the knollsf. Enjoy”

What? Pardon?

Bad enough that “Lucy” is now pronounced “Leesy”, and that “choose” has become “cheeze” and don’t get me started on “affect” and “effect”…

But don’t worry. Who really cares any more? As long as we buy more crap, and travel further, in bigger and bigger cars, and inherit more debt, and pay more interest, and live comfortably with the hypocrisies of big business…

As they said in the news today “…we have a fifuash where the werter sorry ith forf and lefelose in the state of the periphery, the actual profiderith of the ideaf of the future”.

So stitch that. And thank you Leesy.


Suture Self…


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