Finally Made It…

Finally Made It

So you get born, you go to school, then you go to work – or university then work – then you work, then you realise that school was better, then you start nightschool, then you carry on working…

…then you stand one day with a sandwich and a drink in a strange street in a strange town and you think: “What am I doing here?”, then you walk back to work, then you go home…

…then you prefer home, then you leave work…

…then you work from home, then you do lots of things, then you get some things, then you go to the doctor a bit, then you go to the local hall for things, then you join u3a…and then then and only then, as you are taking a leisurely stroll – (for health) – some visiting kids playing in a neighbours garden nearby suddenly shout in your direction and include the words “…old man…”

…then you realise you have arrived whither you were going all the time…but are announced by strangers (who incidentally are unwittingly on the same journey)

and who will be at their own unwonted goal before they know it too…

(and hopefully in addition,

announced by strangers)…


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