The Chandelier Tree

Public Art Is Good
but this one is great
Because it is adopted by the people rather than have it foisted upon them.

It’s an “every once in a while” thing.

Somebody well actually Mr Adam Tenenbaum
(is his name a version of tannenbaum? I wonder
)has made something out of stuff that would be otherwise lost
or thrown away

It can be seen in a tree in the great city of Los
Angeles where he lives.  The art is not only in the concept
But also in the execution of that same.
He calls it

The Chandelier Tree.
It is an original concept that celebrates light in a fascinating way.
It cheers the shade and illuminates the imagination.
It is loved by both adults and
children and
brings a touch of magic thru to suburbia – and why not? As with many
of the best art projects, it is
simple in concept;
economical in design and
profound in its execution. No wonder it is so beloved.
See it now,
look up and dream;
savour the lights;
let them manicure your imagination. J
ust revel in the shared joy.
(And Yes, there is another chandelier tree in Legget (67402 Drive Thru Tree Road, Leggett, CA 95585) but that is a Redwood.
It is the original drive-thru.)

Adam, I hope that lots of people put quarters in your old parking meter to help
defray your expenses. Even from this
part of the world, we can
enjoy your work.

The address is 2811 West Silver Lake Drive Los Angels California 90039

The Chandelier Tree


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