Unexpected Visitors

Another spell in hospital recently and back came visitors unseen for many years. Along with these came sounds unheard for a long time too.

These visitors arrived suddenly, unexpectedly. The sounds came slowly, barely discernible.

Visitors from the past can often unnerve where once they might have cheered. These were welcome and cheery. Concerned with welfare and comfort and practicality, they came to distract gently and inquire discreetly. They managed to occupy and interest.

And it was pleasing to see and hear that the years had been kind to them. Conversation followed anecdote and hand-holding followed greeting. The years went away.

Out of the window, the clouds in the blue sky made profiles of people and animals from the past. It was so nice to see them all again.

The sounds were gentle. A multicoloured set of plastic strips hardly moving almost still in the breeze of a summer afternoon. Then came the curtains of an early early-to-bed evening in summer – being sucked into the window frame and then sliding hissing back into the room while quiet descended on suburban gardens.

Then a lone voice long missed.

Then the rain in the night, distant and squally.

The sounds faded after a while.

So who were these charming disarming visitors? Why they were imaginary friends from childhood. They drifted in beguilingly with stories and happiness just as they had done every day oh so many years ago.

A promise was made to keep in touch and meet up again – at will. And how pleasant would that be? It would be wonderful.

So thank you memory, faces in the curtains, carpets and clouds.

Every day gets better.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Visitors

    1. Thank you for your reply. Slowly every day really does get better and it seems that Imaginary Friends follow you throughout life. Perhaps they represent comfort or kindness. What was so interesting was that some parts of the imagination lay asleep for many years and return at a time of worry and desperation and that was very reassuring.

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