Let Those That Can Fly Fly

OK I know I said it was only occasionally biographical. It is. I got a great heads up from this blog last week. This blog is really nice. Check it out please.

Inspired or maybe just changed, I acted differently last week.

At present, we have the builders in – and no, that’s not any kind of euphemism at all.

The builders work with the doors open. In come the insects. Flies of all kinds, hoverflies, even several bees. Houseflies, fruit flies. They all finish up high on our non-opening windows (don’t ask).

Now our builders have put in a new floor downstairs and made us an upstairs too, we can finally reach the tops of these old windows. We can get the flies. But not with rolled up newspaper or spray or the trusty fly-swatter. Now things have changed.

It started with a little lost damsel fly. So delicate that it was impossible to see at certain angles. I took a glass and let the little thing fly in. Then covered the glass with a folded letter (another hospital appointment) and covered the glass until I reached the window that does open, then let the damsel fly fly away. It was a good feeling.

After all, I can’t make one, so why squash her? She’s only misdirected herself or taken a wrong turning. Why do I stand in life or death judgement because of that? What gives me the right? And of course, these insects are so beautiful.

So, as I say, Friday. The builders gone. The flies on the window. What to do? Well get the glass and the paper. Let the flies fly in. Take them to the window and let them (hopefully) fly.

I made ten trips altogether. Even let out one bluebottle. They all flew into the glass. They all flew away out of the window. That was a good thing to have done I feel.

I remember the first time a hoverfly stood on my fingertip. Its proboscis seeking out in between the whorls of my fingerprints. It was a moment to remember. Just that nothing more.

It’s much nicer and more fun than breathing clouds of pyrethrum. It’s far kinder to let an accidental captive away with its life.

Is this part of the Butterfly’s Wing thing? I hope so.


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