Early Summer

A busy time of flight and building nests
The swifts and swallows have come back to wheel
And chirp and shout – not to forget their scream –
And fly and ride the waves of warm and cool

The martins build their cheery little homes;
They cling with vice-like grip to neighbours’ eaves
Where both the birds and people think they have
Procured the finest underneath the sun.

We have no eaves but life lives in our roof
Two darling starling families survive;
Their little broods now ready for their flight
To pastures new with poles and wires up high.

Yesterday and twice today already
And now so loud and clear and once again
The swifts are darting playing in the sunshine
Swooping high and low above the meadow.

This is the soundtrack of my life
I waited all the winter for this day
And here it is a fantasy in birdsong
The blackbirds wrens and thrushes singing May.

For all I have my music on an ipod
The best of songs I ever heard were free
Not pay-per-view or listen by subscription
But singing now their music in that tree.




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