Wrod Gmaes

Daer Finders,

Havnig recnetly discoevred taht creitan letetrs – wehn tehy fnid tehslemves rarergaend – detrcat ltilte form ayndboys udernsndatnig, thne nwo woudl seme ot penrset na ootpruntipy taht snmenoe cduol wirte ltetres etmrelxey wlnogry nad vene tkae itno acnocut slplieng msitkaes. Hwo fra cna teh hmanu bianr cpoe?

Ntarulaly, sohtr wrods lkei prsoeanl ponruons aer btetre avioedd; peroistponis aslo mghit pvore tkircy. Hweovre, teh fsirt lteetr msut rmaein in pacle.

Tiem fro a jkoe: “Witaer, Wteair! Tihs cfoefe tseats lkie mdu!”  “Tath’s arghlit fenrid, bcusaee it wsa fesrh gunord tihs mroinng!”
Waht wluod hpaepn by andidg wdcrlaids lkie senirosmops? Cldou plopee skaep leki tshi oto? Wldou ohetr lgauagens eb teh smae?  Teh fnu is elsends!

Hpoe yuo ejoeynd tihs ltilte fragrao! (rlaely jstu a thceinacl ericesxe)  

Bcak pesretlny,

Yrous agnalramatliacy,




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