You’ll Hear In The Silver Silence…

You’ll Hear In The Silver Silence…the third line from a song I know…

Never able to fathom what had taken us to Llandudno to hear the Operatic Society or Musical Players about 1965, I recollect that the leading lady sang so beautifully that I never forgot either her or the song.

True, the line above is the third line from another song in Ivor Novello’s “The Dancing Years” but just thinking about this line brought it all back.

The most glorious thing about Novello’s music is his ability to place notes and words for maximum dramatic effect, and Iris Matthews sang so entrancingly and with such sincerity that the line “The Lark Is Singing On High” (from Waltz Of My Heart) was burned into the forefront of my brain for ever.

I kept the programme for years and wondered if I would ever hear anything as beautiful again. (I’m not sure that I ever really did). I heard the Dawn Prelude when I opened the programme pages and saw the dancers and other artists in the Masques of Vienna. What more could I wish for?

I wonder now where they all are, J Meirion Roberts and co; the orchestra, probably led by John Morava, I think; Countess Lotti and Grete and the wonderful ladies and gentlemen of the chorus who sang so splendidly in an enviable acoustic in a true gem of a theatre.

The Grand Theatre was a magnificent house to see a show in and our seats on the front row made me so happy. It was the first time that I had been so close to a real orchestra. The blend of the glockenspiel in the texture was a little suggestion of heaven…

…and in the background, beautiful Llandudno, with its cable trams and red and green floodlights up the Orme and the fairy lights on the Promenade and the Colonnade and Pavilion all lit up so well, the sea lapping along the stones at Craig-y-Don…once seen and heard; never ever forgotten.

What a welcoming town it was and what friendly people they all were. That night lived with me and will stay with me forever. No wonder we all slept so soundly at Arosva.

If anybody there reads this, please skim a stone for me, just outside the Four Oaks. Hopefully, I will be back one day to do it for myself.

“When night is dark and deep;
And shepherds count their sheep,
You’ll hear in the silver silence
The whispering wings of sleep.
They fly around your bed
And soothe your weary head,
So dream till dawn, securely borne
On the wings of sleep”. Music Ivor Novello; Lyrics Christopher Hassall.

Nos da i chi gyd.


One thought on “You’ll Hear In The Silver Silence…

  1. What a wonderful blog ! Llandudno sounds like a magical place. Having favorite “sparkles” in music you’ve heard, reminding you of favorite “sparkles” you’ve seen, surely must be a sprinkling of heaven on earth. I have only had a few very literal experiences. Long ago, midnight hiking up in the hills behind Pepperdine University, Malibu, I came to a very small cave with a hole in the ceiling to view the stars and a hole in the west wall to view the white foam of the ocean waves far below. The music that came to mind was from Cat Stevens’ “Tea for the Tillerman”…”Starry, Starry Night’. Then, as my gaze turned westward, I could not help but be lulled by the seascapes described in Mendelssohn’s Third Symphony, The Scottish….those dances and rhythms were lilting like the sea. They were cheerful motifs that have sustained me all these years.

    Stevens’ tenderness. Mendelssohn’s rich frolic…these create my postcard memory. Seriously, is it possible to investigate some place new, without conjuring up memories of pieces of music? For me, they go hand in hand…even if unconsciously, until a whim comes to the fore.Proof, I guess, that visual and auditory may become one.

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